Introducing Me


I’m Chloe,

I lost my job due to COVID-19 and I thought I’d be productive whilst I’m not working so ta-dah! Shiny new blog.

I will be writing about my experiences of marketing, particularly focusing on social media and email marketing campaigns. I’ll also be sharing my top tips, trials and errors and what I’ve learnt over the last four years.

I thought I’d use this this blog to showcase my marketing skills and knowledge. As well as creating this website, I will be teaching myself how to do things I haven’t had the chance to do before, including branding, website creation and pay per click. I’m going to be doing some online marketing courses to expand my skill-set whilst I’m out of work. Currently, I’m learning PPC with Wordstream.

So here’s a little about me…

I’m 25 years old. I currently live in Kent. I have a degree in English and Creative Writing from Coventry University. I’m a keen runner and spin class enthusiast. I’m a massive Taylor Swift fan and I love going to the theatre. I stopped eating meat in January 2019 and I enjoy trying out new vegetarian recipes.

One of my favourite things to tell people is that I lost over three stone with Weight Watchers. I was in my final year of university when I decided that enough was enough. I joint WW and whilst at uni, I lost around two stone by following their plan and exercising. After finishing uni and moving back home, I lost a further stone and a bit. My weight was dropped but I gained confidence. Not just in the clothes I wore or that I was comfortable in the gym, but confident in so many more areas of my life. I’ve had some exciting opportunities with WW, I was featured in their magazine back in 2017 and I have also written a blog post for them which you can read here. I was previously an Ambassador for WW but I decided to stop following WW around a year ago. I felt comfortable enough to fly solo. Although I would highly recommend WW to anyone who wishes to make a lifestyle change (I have not been sponsored to say this, I promise!)

That’s enough about me, my first blog post will be coming soon and I’ll be talking about running a social media account for a business.

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