Social Media for Business

I think that a lot of people have a certain perception of social media. That its for selfies, photos of perfectly presented dinners and videos of pets. And sure, that is a big part of social media, BUT, there is definitely a place for company social media accounts. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, social media is for you.

Why should my business have social media accounts?

Social media provides the opportunity for businesses to do three things:

  • To show the human side of your company. Share photos of your fundraising events, bake sales or a summer BBQ. Why? For a lot of businesses, especially in corporate industries, it can help to remind your clients/customers that there are people supporting the running of the company. For example, a client may have had the same account manager for five years, and by seeing their photo, they can put a face to the name, which may help strengthen the working relationship.
  • Social media is a fantastic place for you to promote what your business offers, whatever it may be. Various platforms provide different ways of doing this. For example, Facebook Business Pages lets you add in your business details, from telephone numbers to addresses to websites, almost mimicking the information displayed on Google. You can organically post content, (graphics, blog posts, videos etc.) as well as paying for advertising your business to a tailored audience.
  • By having social media, it can enable you to reach new audiences, potential customers and to encourage returning customers. There are lots of ways in which you can use social media to reach customers, from paid adverts, to adding relevant hashtags to your posts, integrating a Facebook Pixel and retargeting.

Okay so, what social media platforms should I use?

After deciding you want to put your business on social media, the next step is to create your accounts. But what platforms should I be on? And that decision is completely up to you. But I can provide some information on what the networks can do for you.

Facebook allows you to create a business page where you can add all of your contact details (telephone numbers, website, address) you can create calls to action (call now, shop now, message us buttons) and people can leave reviews of your company, a bit like a Google Business Profile. You can post organically on your profile, which will be seen in the news feeds of people that have ‘liked’ or ‘followed’ your page, organic posts can include images, videos, blog posts, anything you wish to post. If you’re looking to raise the profile of your business, you can create paid Facebook Ads, where you can create a tailored audience to target, this is a good way to create brand awareness. There are many types of Facebook Ads you can choose from. Another fantastic feature is the Facebook Pixel, this is a piece of code that you’ll need to add into your website and it can help your target customers who have visited your website.

Twitter is the home of hashtags. Like Facebook, you can create a profile for your business, where you can briefly explain what your business does, as well as providing a link to your website and the option for a customer to send you a direct message (or sliding into your DMs as it is also known.) When someone follows you, what you post on your account will be shown in their news feed and by using relevant hashtags (e.g. #digitalmarketing) you can also be seen by other people i.e. potential customers. Twitter also allows you to create paid adverts, its more limited than Twitter with style, but I think Twitter is ideal for campaigns such as a Brand Awareness or Follower Campaign.

LinkedIn is a professional network. The focus of this platform is to help professionals connect with one another and businesses. Like other social media, people can ‘follow’ your account and you can share similar content to Twitter and Facebook if you wish, like blog posts, images, videos etc. LinkedIn also has paid advertisements, but personally I don’t think it works as well as some of the other platforms.

Instagram is an image only social media. But most people, enjoy visuals so Instagram can be great for businesses. It is linked with Facebook, so when you create a campaign on Facebook, it will also appear on Instagram. When posting on Instagram, its important to post aesthetically pleasing imagery and videos, even more so than the other platforms as you will need to capture the attention of your audience visually. Like Twitter, hashtags are essential for Instagram to gain followers, create brand awareness and to reach your customers.

Youtube is a fantastic platform to post videos. Things that would work great for a business are videos such as product demonstrations, members of your team promoting an event or even a video to show how your company has progressed through the years. As well as posting on Youtube, the videos posted are ideal for embedding into your website and sharing on your other social media platforms.

There are lots of social media platforms out there, including Pinterest, Snapchat, Tik Tok and many more. But personally I think that the above are the vital platforms to use when using social media for business. If you are starting out with social media for your company, I would recommend to start with Facebook and Twitter, and from there you can decide if you wish to add other networks to your collection.

Thank you for reading this blog post, be sure to look out for more social media related blog posts!


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