What link should I put in my Insta Bio?

Before I start, I would like to say that this is not my idea/theory. You can read the article from Melissa Judson here. But I read this article last year and I love the concept. I’ve actually done this myself for this blog. It was something I wanted to implement in my last role, but didn’t get a chance to give it a go.

Quite often, you’ll click on a Instagram’s Bio link and it leads to a LinkTree page. A LinkTree is a personalised page which contains links referring to your website for your latest Instagram Posts. We’ve all written ‘click on the link in my bio’ at the end of an Instagram post haven’t we?

And it sounds great right? And so handy. It makes it so much easier to direct people to your posts right?

It is a great concept. But why do you need LinkTree to do that? People who click that link are not landing on your website. They are landing on LinkTree. And that’s not what we want. Also LinkTree was marked as spam by Instagram a while ago, which meant that anyone who clicked your bio, wouldn’t have reached the desired link.

A photo showing a computer and an instagram profile
A instagram profile on a phone

These are the cons of having a LinkTree:

-You can lose your identity, as there is a lack of branding and personalisation available. This provides an inconsistency and when customers click on the link, they may not recognise the content as being of of your company.

-Customers are not landing on your website. This can be damaging for a few reasons, it can affect your SEO as the ranking is being given to Linktree as opposed to your own website, as they are not landing there. Plus, putting your website link in your Instagram Bio, is a lost opportunity for directing customers to your own website.

-Linktree could go down and this could mean that people are enable to reach your content. Or as has happened before, Instagram could mark LinkTree as spam and again, customers won’t be able to view your link.

-A major downside of Linktree is that there is a lack of analytics available. So when it comes to reporting, how are you going to track how many people have clicked on your content?

So what should I put in my Instagram Bio?

Instead of sending your customers to a LinkTree. You can build a landing page on your website/blog that is purely for your Instagram content.

And here’s why:

-This will ensure that customers land on your own website, this is good for your SEO and rankings. Also by sending customer to your website, it may encourage them to buy products or seek assistance from your company. Good content for Instagram is a great way to be noticed and entice customers to click through to your website.

-When customers click through to your website, it will be familiar to them. It will have your branding, your usual menu etc. and this is important as it provides familiarity and consistency to the customer. Additionally, you can decide how you go about designing your page for customers to land on.

-Another important benefit is that you can add tracking to the page. It is popular to opt for a grid style layout that mimics Instagram, I think this is important because you’re effectively taking the customers away from Instagram, so this should have an impact on the design of the page. For tracking, I would recommend using the Campaign URL Builder as this will help when looking at where your leads have come from in Google Analytics.

An example of an Instagram Landing Page

As well as tracking, there are other ways to use an Instagram landing page. You could set up a Facebook Pixel (you’ll need to insert a piece of code into the header of your website) and you can retarget customers who have visited your website through your Instagram Bio.

Re-targeting in this instance, is where a customer who has visited your website, will then see adverts for your business on the News Feeds of their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Say for example, you posted a graphic on Instagram to advertise a Social Media Marketing Course and from this, they clicked the link in your bio and click on the relevant image on your page. They will now bit hit by these retargeting ads to prompt engagement.

I think this is a fantastic concept and is something I am now using for this blog. Like I said, this concept is not my own, this is based on this article from Melissa Judson and I just wanted to share her ideas. No copyright is intended.

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