Why should I pay for social media ads?

Understandably, some businesses may be reluctant to pay for social media adverts. Especially for companies who may not have seen revenue from organic social media posts. And this can be for a number of reasons. Maybe you aren’t posting consistently, or all your content is the same, e.g. blog posts, product pushing or maybe your customers aren’t following your channels.

But paid social media adverts are an effective way of reaching potential customers that aren’t following you on social media. But how?

When creating paid campaigns, you can create a targeted audience for the social media platform which means that your adverts are going to be targeting the people you want to reach.

Okay, so say that you own a sustainable active wear business and you want your adverts to be seen by fitness enthusiasts. Creating paid adverts can help you to promote your business/activewear products to people who are interested in fitness and might be potential customers.

But before launching in and creating your first ad, you need to decide what your goals are.

What goals can I achieve with social media?

The above shows the options that Facebook Ads provides when you click ‘Create Ad’ and I think it gives a really good overview of what you can use social media ads for. Read the below to find out what type of ad would help you reach specific goals.

Goal: I want to raise awareness of the business and reach new potential customers.

Ad Type: Brand Awareness- this type of ad will help your adverts been seen by people in your target audience. People who have been highlighted as being likely to pay attention or engage with your ad. A feature of Twitter that I like for this, is the lookalike audience and you can target those people similar to the accounts that you add. Top tip: put in the name of your competitors!

Goal: I want more customers to visit my website and buy more products.

Ad Type: Conversions- these ads designed to encourage people to take action once they’re on your website/app, after clicking through from your social media advert. Actions could include: signing up for an account or to receive communication e.g. emails or newsletters, or even better, making a purchase. As shown above, Facebook allows you different types of Ads, the general conversion ads, Catalogue Sales- which displays items from your catalogue and Store Traffic, which is encouraging customers to visit your business in person.

Goal: I want to get more customers signed up to my mailing list.

Ad Type: Lead Generation- this type of ad can help to reach people that may be interested in your services and collect ‘leads’ this is done through a ‘form’ style ad and it can be an effective way of collecting customer data. E.g. getting newsletter signups, encouraging people to download your free resources.

Goal: I want to gain more followers on social media.

Ad Type: Any. Personally, I don’t think there is a specific type of ad that can boost your following more than another. As long as the ad is tailored to your target audience. Although I do like the follower campaign feature on Twitter, I tend to use a few of these at the same time with different content to measure which performs better. Although, if your goal is to get more followers, I would recommend an ad set with an engagement focus.

Photo by Cristian Dina on Pexels.com

There are other things that you can implement to help with your paid social media campaigns. Like, the Facebook Pixel. This is a great tool, you need to add a piece of code into the header of your website (you can choose which pages etc.) and you can actively target people who have visited your website, through social media ads. I think this is really clever and will ensure that the customers you are targeting, are interested in your business. This is also a form of retargeting.

If done effectively, paid social media campaigns can be great and cost effective. Ads are ideal for promoting your brand, advertising sales and events, and also for retargeting customers who have visited your website. Most social media platforms offer paid campaigns, from Facebook to Twitter, to Instagram to Linkedin. All have different options, some better than others. It is worth remembering that Facebook ads will automatically be shown on Instagram. If starting out with paid ads, I would definitely suggest starting with Facebook and Twitter. They both have a lot of assistance available to help you to create tightly tailored adverts.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I’ll hopefully upload another one this week.

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