Seeking new marketing opportunities

This week’s blog post is something slight different, if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that I was released from my contract marketing role a week into lockdown. I don’t want to dwell on this, I am looking forwards and seeking a new marketing role.

I have been refreshing job sites for the last three months and due to the current coronavirus situation, it has been quiet. Really quiet. Alongside this, I’ve been working on this blog and completing online courses in the HubSpot Academy. (As well as lots of running, Instagram live workouts, reading and baking!)

So I’m trying another approach to put myself out there with this blog post as I really miss getting creative with campaigns, creating new graphics and sinking my teeth into new challenges.

Hi I’m Chloe.

What do I have to offer?

Hi, I’m Chloe and I graduated from Coventry University in 2016 with a degree in English and Creative Writing (2:1) and I have been working in marketing since 2017. In this time I have worked in the industries of Health and Safety, Travel and Dentistry. I have experience of marketing for B2B and B2C audiences. My strengths include social media, email marketing content creation.

Social Media– I have worked extensively on creating eye catching and engaging organic social media posts across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more recently, Instagram. I like to experiment with different types of graphics and visuals to see which gains more engagement. I believe recording social media results can help to show patterns and trends to highlight which posts have worked well, and not so well. It can also assist with strengthening a social media strategy.

Additionally, I have worked on multiple paid social media campaigns, for Facebook and Twitter mainly, as I think these platforms produce the best results for paid campaigns. I’d like the opportunity to trial campaigns using an integrated Facebook Pixel. I have used Sprout Social, Buffer and Hootsuite for social media scheduling.

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Email Marketing– this is one of my favourite parts of digital marketing, I enjoy changing the layout of email templates to create a new look and using my writing skills to create some engaging narrative, depending on the topic/industry. Like with social media, I think recording the stats are important, it may highlight which style of subject line or email layout is more appealing to customers. If there’s a particular campaign that has a good open rate or click through rate, you can get an idea of what the customers have liked through tracking and click activity. It helps to see if your campaigns are working or not, if not, you can change it up.

As well as creating and sending email campaigns, I have some experience of creating automated customer journeys, with a focus on email campaigns. These customer journeys have been for things such as Net Promoter Score Surveys and Welcoming customers to a business. I really enjoyed working with customer journeys and this is something I’d be keen to further develop in my next marketing role, if appropriate. I have worked with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mailing Manager and MailChimp.

Content Creation– I have experience of creating written and visual content. From my degree in English and Creative Writing and marketing roles, I have developed strong writing skills and where possible, I like use my writing skills for blog posts and content. Since working in marketing, I have strengthened my design skills as I have created graphics and images for social media, email campaigns and websites. I have experience of working with Photoshop and Canva.

Additionally, I have also worked with Salesforce and QlikView as Customer Relationship Management systems to look at customer data and use to collect data for tailored marketing campaigns. I have also used WordPress and Umbraco for Content Management for websites, to upload and update website content. I have experience of working with Google Analytics and Sprout Social to gather statistics to record and identify trends. I would also really like to learn HTML, put my SEO knowledge into practice and to learn about PPC.

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Closing Statement

As well as having marketing experience, I am an enthusiastic hard-worker. I like to tackle creative challenges and work as part of a team on projects, as well as independently. I can effectively manage my time to ensure that my work is completed to a high standard and on time, I am organised and usually end up with Post-It notes stuck to my computer screen with mini to-do lists. I have built up my confidence over the last five years and I can communicate with people on various levels. I am keen to step into a new marketing role with my existing knowledge and skills, with the hope of further developing these skills and learning new ones.

Additionally I am offering free marketing assistance whilst I am out of work. For enquiries or questions, I can be reached through my social media channels or emailed at

Thank you for reading, my next blog post will uploaded next week, for now I’m off to enjoy the sunshine!

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