Blog posts for Business

You don’t have to be an expert writer to be able to blog.

You can hire an agency to assist with your blogging, or an expert in your field.

Or you can have a go yourself.

Disclaimer: I am not a SEO expert. This is my own interpretation and understanding.

Okay, so what should I blog about?

Blog posts are commonly used as a tool to help SEO (Search Engine Optimisation.) So it should be content that is relevant to your industry and focuses on certain keyboards to help boost your SEO rankings. It is also a good idea to have blog posts that are s

For example, say if you own a sustainable athleisure business. The types of blog types may include posts about different types of exercise, fitness trends and maybe even blog posts on sustainability.

Or you might work for a knitting company, you could discuss different types of knitting styles, knitting patterns and new products.

Or for something more corporate. You might be marketing for a education company, so your blogs may include topics such as changes to the curriculum, new subjects and legislation.

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Where do I go from here?

If you are actively tracking your SEO rankings and keywords, e.g. like a SEMRush report, you’ll be able to see where you rank for certain keywords, which can help to determine the topic of the blog content.

Let’s reuse the sustainable athleisure business example again. If when looking at your SEO rankings report, you see that your ranking for ‘gym wear’ has declined, you could write an engaging blog post focused on ‘gym wear’ and ensuring that the phrase is repeated throughout.

Once you have a topic sorted. If you are a marketing professional/content writer/volunteer as opposed to a expert in the field, it’s time to do some research around your chosen theme. I would recommend looking at competitors for similar blog posts (if applicable!) and also others, as well as choosing a relevant and reputable source to pick up some statistics or facts to include. And if available, I would definitely try and speak to experts in your field for some advice or to proof your blog content before posting.

Personally, even if a blog post is for SEO purposes, I would always try to ensure that the information is correct. As I mentioned before, if you can boost your SEO rankings and provide educational useful information to store on your website, it’s a definite bonus.

How do I begin writing?

After doing your research, I would next writing some key points. I would support the key points with either evidence, relevant products/services or statistics, but this can vary due to a number of factors; including industry and the blog post topic.

I would also recommend write the main bulk of the blog post first and then write the beginning/ending of the post at the end. This allows you to write an overview and recap the points that you are making. And it can help you to start writing rather than fussing over how to begin your blog post.

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Top Tips

Word Length: I would recommend aiming for at least 750 words but no more 2000 words.

Photos or no Photos?: Personally, I would include some relevant images to break up the text. If you are struggling for imagery, some great places to find some copyright free photos include Pexels and Unsplash. Depending on your website design, a blog header is a great addition to your post.

Catchy headlines and sub-headings: This is more likely to entice customers to click on your website or when you’re sharing on social media.

Use bullet points and paragraphs: This breaks up the blog on the page, having short sub-headings and bullet points can make blog reading more appealing to readers.

Share Share Share: If you are taking the time to create blog posts, even if it is for SEO, you should share them. Whether that be on your social media channels or on a banner in your email marketing campaigns.

To conclude, blogs are excellent for SEO but they can have other purposes as well. Always remember to share your blog posts, proof read and technically check your content before posting and use imagery.

My blog posts

I thought to end this blog, I would share a couple of blog posts I have written myself.

WW UK (Weight Watchers) : I actually used to be a ambassador and I had the opportunity to write for Self Care Week, which you can read here.

PHSC Ltd: This was a blog I wrote in a previous marketing role and I wrote about Thermal Comfort, the link is here.

P.S. I have been doing some freelance work so I haven’t had time to write anything on here but I’d love to get back into it.

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