So Long, Farewell 2020

Hi 👋🏻 so its been a while since I’ve written anything on here. My last post was way back in August!

It has been a strange year hasn’t it? I think I’ve lost all concept of time.

Since I last wrote, I’ve started running again, I stayed in a converted chapel in Snowdonia National Park and dyed my hair back to its natural brown. Oh and I’ve been working in a customer service role. Which isn’t my dream job but it is something and I know I’m incredibly lucky to have found something in this tough year.

Au Natural

I am so grateful to have this job, but at the same time, I worry I’m slipping behind in the marketing world. But like lots of things this year, its going to be put on hold. I am actively seeking a marketing role but the job market is tougher than ever this year.

I really miss writing and marketing, I need to try and find some time to get back to working on this blog and completing my SEO course with Moz. I think I need something creative to sink my teeth into. But on the other hand, after working on the phone 9-5, 5 days a week, my brain is usually quite tired when I get home. I need to find a good balance of work, improving my skills and having some time to do the other things I enjoy.

And I enjoy writing so this blog post will hopefully get the creative cogs in my brain turning. I thought I’d talk about what I’ve learnt during this global pandemic.

What I’ve learnt in 2020

Exercise is your friend. Back in school I hated PE lessons with a passion, the weekly games of rounders, bench ball and netball were torture. I hated them. But aged 26 I actually enjoy exercise. Over the last few years I’ve gone from being a gym goer to runner to going to an outdoor bootcamp. Fifteen year old me would have laughed if I’d have told her this is what she would enjoy. In the first lockdown after I lost my job, I went for long walks in the countryside most days, just me and my headphones. And I enjoyed it (when there weren’t crowds of people!) I’ve recently cancelled my gym membership in favour of lifting barrels over my head, running and walking through fields.

Jumping Around

I think this whole year has shown that we need to be kinder to ourselves. I’m not talking about the ‘self care’ that seems to be used in every single beauty marketing campaign *eye roll* but the real kind. Treating ourselves like we’re a friend rather than unkind to ourselves, whether that be able appearances, careers or anything at all. This year hasn’t been easy for anyone out there, and I think we need to cut ourselves some slack. Do what you enjoy and makes you happy.

One thing I’ve found this year is that I enjoy making graphics and content. I’m no Picasso but I do actually enjoy spending time trying to make something look nice, on Canva though, Photoshop is too expensive and out of my artistic capabilities. I did some freelance social media marketing earlier this year and I got stuck into creating graphics for posts. I think marketing wise, I want to learn more about PPC, SEO and content creation. I’m currently doing a beginners SEO course with Moz and its really insightful!

And lastly, I think this year has taught me that sometimes/the majority of time you have to look out for yourself first. I’ve always been a people pleaser, someone who tries to put others before herself (I blame the Brownie Guide Promise!) but ultimately, who else is actually going to put your best interests at heart better than yourself? I actively dislike all the quotes around ‘love yourself before anyone can love you’ and think it is total BS, but I think maybe there is some truth in it. In 2021 and the last few weeks of 2020, I want to try and put my name at the top of my list. Is it selfish? Maybe. But is it necessary? Yes.

Walking out of this year like

I usually struggle to write about myself. I think its why I find job applications difficult as I find it tricky to ‘big’ myself up and always have done, but I did enjoy writing this. Its probably the first thing I’ve written since August, other than emails, tweets and Instagram captions. I have a few half finished blog posts sitting in my drafts but I don’t know when I’ll get around to actually completing and posting them.

But for anyone who has made it to the end of this post, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family, and stay safe. Cliched to the very end.

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