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Email Marketing is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Whatever type of business you’ve got, or whether you’re B2B or B2C, email marketing is ideal.

But what do I send in these emails?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this. But here are some ideas:

  • Promotions- are you having a 10% off weekend? Or a sale for Black Friday, or ‘Celebrate our 10th birthday with a free gift with every order’ It doesn’t have to be extravagant but a nice little reward for customers. But I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT spam your customers with these emails. They’re annoying and unlikely to engage customers when you send them every single week.
  • Events- Are you hosting an event that customers can attend? Or are you having a stand at a industry famous exhibition? Let your mailing list know.
  • Product Releases- If you have a new exciting and innovative product, send your customers email about it. Don’t just ‘product push.’ Educate your customers, provide relevant and interesting information.
  • Industry News- For some industries this is relevant, other industries not so much. When I worked in health and safety, we used to send industry newsletters to customers and this was well received. Market yourself as a source of information and education for your customers, rather than just a company that sells products and services.
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Automated Emails

Another form of email marketing is to send customers on an automated journey. This is something that I’ve been learning about in my last two marketing roles. (For this I used Marketing Cloud and MailChimp.) You can collect customer data and send them on a journey, where their actions will determine what part of the journey is sent to them.

You can send automated emails for a lots of different reasons. It may be time consuming to set up but long term, will save you so much time and effort.

Some of the things you can send customers on a journey include:

  • Customer Surveys- you can send an automated emails to customers who have recently purchased from you and ask for their feedback.
  • Events- are you taking part in an event and have multiple emails lined up? Send them on a journey to save time.
  • Welcome Emails- this is a really nice touch, you can welcome customers to your company and remind them of what your company offers. But say they don’t open your email, you could then automatically send a follow up email with a promo code to encourage them to shop with you.
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Organic email campaigns and automated journeys will be the main focus of my email marketing blog posts. For more information, look out for these posts.

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