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In the 21st century, social media is an important part of everyday life. Particularly for millennials. When we wake up, we unlock our phones and scroll through Instagram before we even climb out of bed. And if its not Instagram, it’ll be Facebook or Twitter or more recently, Tik Tok.

And its not just millennials.

Social Media is used by people of most ages. Facebook can be used by children as young as 13. And that is why social media is so important as it is universally used and can be assessed by anyone.

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There are many fantastic uses for social media. It is not just for selfies, photos of your dinner and Tik Tok dances (the trend when I wrote this in May 2020.)

It can be beneficial for a business to have social media. It can help the following:

  • Raise awareness of a company
  • Reach potential new customers
  • To show a human side

Organic Posts

Organic posts means that you haven’t paid to promote a post. Organic posts can include the following:

  • Blog posts/ Articles
  • Images
  • Videos

These posts are great to update customers with company updates, special offers, new products, interesting industry news. A mix of the above is the key to keeping people engaged with your social media posts.

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Paid Adverts

Paid Social Adverts can be ideal for advertising upcoming events, follower campaigns and raising brand awareness. Most social media networks offer paid advertisements which you can set to be seen by a tailored audience of your choosing.

For more in depth information on social media, please look out for my blog posts.

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